DIC Services

Discover how the DIC’s comprehensive suite of services nurtures your startup, offering essential resources and expert guidance for every phase of your venture’s growth. These services include:


  • Business academy training
  • Access to online training
  • Courses
  • Customised training programs

The DIC provides targeted training solutions, from specialised workshops to personalised programmes and flexible online courses, designed to boost your startup’s growth.


Mentorship relating to business, technology and product development by industry experts and successful entrepreneurs.

Benefit from personalized mentorship at the DIC and gain from the wisdom of industry experts who will offer you specialized support in business, technology and product development, to accelerate your startup’s journey.


Participation in local, regional & international innovation and entrepreneurship events.

Tap into the DIC’s extensive network, participating in leading innovation and entrepreneurship events locally, regionally and internationally.

Industry Contacts

Access to potential customers who can provide support in commercializing startup products and services.

The DIC bridges the gap between startups and potential customers, facilitating support to commercialize your products and services effectively.


Access to investment forums, angel investors and VCs, and host startup-investor match-making events.

Gain strategic entry to investment circles with the DIC, offering direct links to forums, angel investors and VCs. The DIC also hosts exclusive startup-investor engagement events for you.

Office Space

Free office space with facilities including:

  • Cloud hosting
  • 5G WIFI network
  • Software licenses

Enjoy free, fully-equipped office spaces at the DIC, featuring advanced cloud hosting solutions, high-speed Wi-Fi and essential software licenses creating a solid springboard for your startup’s success.


Link startups with interns from Universities in Qatar.

The DIC’s internship program links startups with ambitious students from local universities, offering fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to emerging challenges.

The DIC’s Go-To-Market program is designed to catapult Qatar-based startups into international markets by providing essential scaling opportunities.

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