Startup Track

The Start-up track supports potential entrepreneurs and early-stage tech start-ups that have a market-ready product or prototype. We provide the necessary expertise, services and tools to help these entrepreneurs overcome challenges and make their businesses successful.

Stages of Incubation

Startups Track 1 st year

The first year of the DIC Startup Track is structured around a set of milestones taking a startup from prototype to registered business in Qatar.

Growth Track 2 nd year

The second year of the DIC Startup Track is focused on growing the business. Startups with a business already launched can join the Growth Stage program.

Training and Support

Digital Incubation Center is conducting a series of training sessions on important emerging technologies and business processes. it gives you the opportunity to connect with the best training experts from the local market and overseas and determine how these training activities might impact your plans to build a successful business.

Application Process

  • Online applications

  • Screening

  • Live Pitch

  • Startup Track 1st Year

  • Live Pitch

  • Startup Track 2nd Year

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is the ultimate goal of being part of the DIC?

The objective is to develop a viable and sustainable Digital start-up.

2. What type of ideas is DIC looking for?

We are looking for innovative start-ups that serve important sectors — education, government services, health, transportation, urban planning, environment, financial services, energy, construction, among others – and use emerging technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data and analytics, e-commerce, M2M, smart cities, and telecommunications. These technologies represent our focus areas, however, if you have another innovation using other technologies, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

3. What services does the DIC provide?

“We provide Training, Access to Mentors, Office
space, Networking, Industry
contacts, Networking, Internships”

4. What training do you provide?

DIC provides a variety of training opportunities that equip entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and skills required to start and run a company. Training is based on individual needs and includes both business and specialized technical training.

5. Do you provide funding?

If you are in the Start-up track, potential funding is available through the Qatar Development Bank and other financial institutions. In addition, we can, also support you through connecting you with our investors’ network, and help you with tools needed for successful fundraising.

6. Who is eligible to apply to the Digital Incubation Center?

Any innovative entrepreneur with residency in Qatar.

7. Can I apply if I only have an idea?

Yes you can. If you have an original tech idea and have been dreaming about opening your business, you can apply to the Launchpad track. This is a 6-month track that focuses on transforming your ideas into a viable business plan. The program provides services such as education and training, mentors, free office space, access to networking, publicity, and much more. Some entrepreneurs choose to go through the selection process to continue on with the 2-year incubation program offered by the Center, and others move on to other projects.

8. Can I apply if I am already a start-up but still need support?

Yes, you can join the Start-up track which has 2 stages, and DIC will assess the stage your business is in and decide on which program you are eligible for. Our mission is to empower you with the tools you need to grow your business and provide you with the skills to make yourself a better entrepreneur and leader. The Start-up track focuses on helping you fine-tune your business and revenue models and, hone your business skills. The program provides structured educational content and affords you the experience of learning from and connecting with the region’s most influential entrepreneurs.

9. Do I have to have a Qatari partner to apply?

No, you can still apply without having a Qatari partner.

10. What are the admissions criteria?

Covers one of the focus areas
Sufficient market opportunity and potential
Target customers and validation outcomes
Initial cost structure and financial plan
Entrepreneur/team profile”

11. When can I apply?

We accept applications any time over the year. It depends on the program please check each program details

12. How long does the application process take and what does it involve?

Up to 3 months for the Start-up track (that includes the refinement of the business plan stage for start-ups). If you’ve made it through the first round, you will usually hear back from us within a few weeks.

13. If I am already in the Ideacamp, can I transition to the Start-up track?

Yes you can

14. Do you provide help with visas and other immigration paperwork?

We do not provide help in those areas. All immigration paperwork needs be done through your start-up.

15. How will you evaluate my concept?

DIC wants dedicated and passionate entrepreneurs with innovative tech ideas. The process is designed in several stages to allow you to develop and enhance your idea or start-up and for DIC to assess you throughout the process. Your applications, business plan and live pitches will be evaluated by a group of industry experts, business professionals, academics and others to ensure your applications are meticulously evaluated. Please refer to the admission process page for more information.

16. Do you have collaboration with other incubators and entrepreneurial initiatives?

Yes, we work with other local and regional incubators, accelerators, and programs, such as Qatar Business Incubation Center (QBIC), Bedaya, College of the North Atlantic Qatar (CNA-Q), Qatar University, and many others.

17. Will each company have its own mentor?

Each company has at least one mentor and sometimes two depending on the company needs.

18. Will you help start-ups connect with local and international tech companies?

Yes, we provide those we incubate with access to a network of tech industry leaders and tech entrepreneurs who share their expertise and insights, and help you, explore business, funding and other opportunities.

19. Do you have any partnerships with local or regional funds: VCs, angel investors, etc.?

Yes, we do have relationships with local and regional investment groups. While we do not yet fund start-ups, we will work with entrepreneurs to make their fundraising more effective through introductions to our networks.

20. Does DIC take equity from incubated start-ups?

No, DIC is a government-funded program. We do not take equity or receive any payment in return for our services. DIC is mandated by the State of Qatar to support and encourage entrepreneurs to succeed in order to drive a vibrant, diversified knowledge-based economy and achieve Qatar’s National Vision 2030.

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